If you are a gardening beginner or an avid plant collector, succulents can really improve the beauty of your garden.

There is a list of three reasons I love succulents and think you should too!


1. Succulents are low-maintenance

Little water and care are needed to help your succulent thrive. With ample light, airflow, and adequate drainage, your plants are set up for success.


2. The magic of making new succulents from current ones

Propagation allows you to take leaf and stem cuttings from the succulents you own and create new plants. This takes some trial and error, and patience, but it is magic to watch these babies grow.


3. Succulents are eco-friendly

In times of drought and with a more conscious view of water conservation, succulents are an efficient gardening option.  Succulents do not require a lot of water. In fact, too much water can cause more issues than less. Think of the money you will save your water bill.



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